This is Jesus The King of the Jews

The Innocent Defendant

The guilty Prosecution.

From Bethlehem

Fast forward thirty three years

into the future.

In enters the accuser

Clothed as Judas.

The crime committed;

A man who claims to be the saviour,

A carpenter proclaiming He is the Messiah,

For thirty pieces of a mineral,

He sold his saviour and offered

him on a platter to the


The courtroom is set.

The first court case before the

Megistrate Judge,

In the house of Caiaphas.

The jury, foolish men and women,

Boys and even girls.

The very same guilty souls He

was about to die for.

In enters the defendant, Jesus

Christ, The Lamb to be slain


corrupted and self righteous

prosecution blatantly presents

false evidence,

Before a blinded jury,

Acting on unjustified and

extreme insanity,

The Irony of them proclaiming

this innocent and holy man

guilty of the sins THEY


To add insult to injury,

We see a spectator called Peter,

A man who had walked with

and loved Jesus,

Deny his saviour 3 times!

The Innocent Defendant is

found worthy of the death

penalty by this guilty jury.

We enter into the second


The “High Court”.

Pilate taking the seat of the


The jury, prosecution and

spectators proudly maintain

their position.

For a second time,

this innocent defendant is

found worthy of the death


by this guilty jury.

They set a criminal free,

To satisfy their selfish need

to see the defendant die.

Satisfied with their false

judgement of an innocent lamb,

they begin to prepare Him for


Mocking Him the guard’s strip

this supposed criminal of all


Place a crown of thorns around

his head.

Not knowing that by them

stripping him of all dignity,

My saviour was taking away my


That thorny crown symbolised

Every problem and fear that

would ever trouble my mind.

In their attempt to mock Him,

They unknowingly recognised

who they were shaming.

“This is Jesus, the King of the


This is Jesus, the King of the


Bloody head bearing

all the sins troubling my mind.

This is Jesus, the King of the


Lashes on His back,

Deep scars to remind me that

when I am heavy Laden,

I should roll my cares onto him

so I can obtain rest.

This is Jesus, the King of the


The son of God who cried out

“It is Finished”.

Tearing the veil that separated

me from entering the most Holy


By separating himself from the


He brought me back to the


With a single last breath He

nailed every sin to the cross,

So now I can proclaim I am


to sin.

The light of perfection

descended down into what

seemed an abiss.

The accuser laughing in


Not knowing that it was the

Lion of Judah,

the King of Glory descending

into the depths of darkness.

To defeat evil itself.

Snatching the keys of death, He

gave me back life.

This is Jesus, the King of the


Rising up gloriously,

The King of Glory raised me up

with Him.

Who is the King of Glory?

The Lord God strong and


Who is the King of Glory?

The Lord God mighty in battle.

The innocent Defendant bore

the sins of this guilty


Through unconditional love,

Turned the story around

and called us a righteous


a Holy prosecution,

a loved Prosecution,

No longer proclaiming the

Messiah guilty.

But now rightly dividing the


This is Jesus, the King of the