Tips on getting the best out of your searching the Bible

Lesson Objective: To provide each of us some tips in not only reading the Bible but learning how to apply what we read and learn to our daily lives

Scripture: Revelations 2:11

Memory Verse: 2 Timothy 3:16

A. Reading is not enough- we must learn how to apply what we read to our daily lives. Questions to answer
a. So What
b. What is next

B. Nine steps to learning how to apply the Bible (Dave Veerman- Life Application Bible)
1. People: Who are the people in this passage and how are they like us today?
2. Place: What is the setting and what are the similarities to our world?
3. Plot: What is happening? Is there any conflict or tension? How would I have acted in that situation?
4. Point: What was the intended message for the first people to hear this passage? What did God want them to learn or feel or do?
5. Principles: What are the timeless truths?
6. Present: How is this relevant in our world today?
7. Parallels: Where does this truth apply to my life? At home, at work,at school, in church, in the neighborhood?
8. Personal: What attitude, action, value, or belief needs to change in me?
9. Plan: What would be my first step of action?

C. Other steps one can utilize 2 Timothy 3:16 (Bruce Wilkerson)
1. Doctrine: What should I believe?
2. Reproof: How should I not behave?
3. Correction: What should I not believe?
4. Instruction in righteousness: How should I behave

D. Apply the above listed steps to the story of Joseph- Genesis Chapters 37-46

1. People: Joseph, Brothers, Jacob
2. Place: Disfunctional family – (Different mothers and sibling jealousy)
3. Plot: (Conflict between brothers and Joseph) Father loved Joseph more than the others
4. Point: a. Understand how family members can react inappropriate b. Understand forgiveness
5. Principles: a. Understand that all things come together for those who love God and obey God. b. One must not create Idol that separates one from God- Job and Joseph
6. Present: Familes are divided through jealousy, money, fame, etc
7. Parallels: Can be home or job where one is provided more than others
8. Personal: I need to make sure that I treat everyone the same
9. Plan: Examine my interactions with co-workers, family an


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