Survey of the Old Testament—Genesis

Lesson Objective: To continue the survey of the Old Testament with a review of the Book of Genesis
Scripture: Book of Genesis
A. Division of Genesis
a. Chapters 1-11- Pre Abraham
i. Creation vs Evolution
b. Chapters 12-50 Early history of Abraham thru Joseph
i. Abraham known for several key Christian values
1. Faith- Hebrews 11:8
2. Promise Genesis 17: 1-8
3. Trinity Genesis 18
ii. Isaac and Ishmael
1. Ishmael born of Hagar
2. Isaac born of Sarah
iii. Isaac Has two sons
1. Esau and Jacob- twins
2. Jacob is not honest and steals the inheritance from Esau Genesis 27
iv. Jacob works for two wives Chapter 29: 26-30
1. Leah
2. Rachael
v. The story of Joseph and his brothers
1. True forgiveness- Gen 50: 15-21


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