Survey of the Old Testament- 1st and 2nd Chronicles

Lesson Objective: To continue the series on the survey of the Old Testament with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Chronicles.
Scripture: 1st and 2nd Chronicles
1) Chronicles was one book initially but was divided into two books consistent with Samuel and Kings.
2) The writer is not known but many suggest Ezra
3) It is a summarized history of the Israelites corresponding to the same time period as Samuel and King
4) While Kings covered primarily the northern kingdom- Israel, Chronicles covers primarily the southern kingdom- Judah
1st Chronicles
1) The book begins with a chronological listing of the generations beginning with Adam and continues for the first 9 chapters
2) The second part of the book is primarily about David and his reign as king
3) God makes a covenant with David concerning the family of Solomon- 1 Chronicles chapter 17-12
4) David instructs Solomon relative to the building of the Temple- 1 Chronicles 28: 8-9
5) 1st Chronicles highlights the good and bad relative to David with emphasis on David’s sin of counting the children of Israel.
2nd Chronicles
1) Solomon builds the temple- chapters 1-9 9: 13-30
2) God;’ words to Solomon 7: 12-22
3) Rehoboam Not Listening to wise counsel- 11: 6-12
4) God’s wrath 2 Chronicles 34: 24-25
5) Judah taking captive by Babylon
6) Cyrus authorizes the rebuilding of Jerusalem


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