Survey of Old Testament- Job

Survey of the Old Testament- Job

Lesson Objective: To continue the survey of the Old Testament with emphasis on the book of Job.

Scripture: The entire book of Job

  1. Introduction
    1. Perhaps the first book of the Bible chronological
    2. Referred to in other scriptures Jas. 5:11 and Ezekiel 14:14
    3. The writer is unknown but some say Moses
    4. Included as a book of poetry and many think it was written around the same time as Solomon and the age of wisdom
    5. Job is comprised primarily of three friends who chat with Job 3 times along with Job’s responses. However the third friend does not respond the third time.
    6. The conversations are sandwiched between chapters 2 and chapter 29
  2. What is the overall theme of the book of Job?
    1. Is it a book of suffering
    2. Is it a book of wisdom
    3. Is it a book that answers the question—why do we serve God- Job 1:11
  3. What are Job’s options
    1. Do as his wife suggest Job 2:9
    2. Words of Ungodly 21: 14-15
  4. Job’s responses
    1. Job 1:21
    2. 2: 10a
    3. Job 13 1-5
    4. Job 23: 13-17
  5. The role of Elihu
    1. He is unafraid to chastise Job and his friends- Job 32: 1-5
    2. His words are not his words Job 33: 1-4; 32: 7-9
    3. God always hears us and speaks to us Job 33: 13-17
  6. God’s response
    1. Job 38: 1-4
  7. Jobs final response
    1. Job 42: 1-6

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