Study of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues

The Study of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues


Lesson Objective: To get a clearer understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit and to discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in speaking in tongues.


Specific Questions to be answered:

What is praying in the spirit

The Holy Spirit interceding on our behalf through groaning

When is the right moment to speak in tongues and can we stop it

Does every Christian have the Holy Spirit

Can they all speak in tongues and if so then why do they not speak in tongues

What is the meaning of speaking in tongues

What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit




Note: One does not seek the Spirit but is given the Spirit as God so desires. The Spirit is reflected by actions that are only viable when the Holy Spirit is present.


Who is the Holy Spirit

Generally considered part of the Trinity and noted by Christ in several scriptures including the last directions to the Disciples when told to baptize Matthew 28:19-20


  1. Generally thought of being active in the New Testament and not so much in the Old Testament. There are at minimum 90 references to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. Pneumatology is the study of the Holy Spirit and comes from the Greek word pneuma which is found 385 times in the New Testament and literally means “breath or wind” We cannot see it but we see its effect.


  1. Day of Pentecost- is 50 days after Easter and originally represented the giving of the law to Moses on Mt Sanai.


  1. It may be representative of the passing of the goodness of God from just the Israelites but to the Gentiles as well. Thus the speaking of tongues/languages


  1. Also found in the Old Testament
  1.                Gen 1:2 Creation
  2.                Psalms 51:11 Specific reference to the Holy Spirit by David
  3.                Isa 63: 10 and 11 Isaiah remembering Moses and the Holy Spirit
  4.                Numbers 11: 25-29 Holy Spirit leads to Prophesy
  5.                1 Samuel 16:13-14 David receives the Spirit and Saul loses the Spirit



  1. Instances in the New Testament
  1. Luke 1:15 and Luke 1:35 John the Baptist and Jesus
  2. Luke 11:13 Mentioning of the gift of the Holy Spirit
  3. Mark 13:11- Holy Spirit speaks on our behalf when we are persecuted

What is the role of the Holy Spirit

  1. John 14:26
  2. 1 Thess 4:8
  3. Romans 8:4 and 11
  4. Acts 1:2
  5. John 15:26
  6. Isa 11: 1-2
  7. John 14: 16-17
  8. Acts 9:31- encourager
  9. Romans 8:28-intercedes on our behalf—communicator
    1. Eccl 6:12– we do not know what is best for us
    2. 1 Samuel 1:13 Hannah praying in her heart



  1. Sin against the Holy Spirit Matthew 12: 31 and 32   (verse 25)




Speaking in Tongues


No one person has all the gifts, nor are we to seek the gifts. We must be careful that we do not confuse the Spirit as a gift to the believer with thegifts the Spirit gives to believers. Every believer has received the gift of the Spirit, but not every believer has received the gifts which the Spirit bestows.


1 Corinthians 12: 8-11

1 Corinthians 12: 28-30

Mark 16:17 – speak with new tongues when casting out Devil ( made anew after receiving the Spirit)

  1. Definition glossolalia
  2. Acts 2: 6-8 is not speaking in tongues but in a different dialect so that others can understand
  3. Direct opposite to that which occurred at Tower of Babel where people did not understand different languages.
  4. Speaking in tongues is sign to unbelievers – 1 Corinthians 14:22
    1. Can serve as a sign to unbelievers to listen to what is being said in amazement
    2. Unbeliever can understand what is being said and the believer already understands what is being said.
  5. Prophesy to Believers
    1. Cannot prophesy to unbelievers because they will not listen
  6. To be filled with the Holy Spirit Ephesians 5:18
    1. Acts 13:9
    2. Acts 4:31
  7. Charles Parham 1901 Pentecostal Denomination

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