My name is A-Mac and this is my testimony

My name is A-Mac and this is my testimony


It was rough day. I was train lagged, The sky was pitch black, and it had opened its flood gates. The streets were crowded with vehicles and pedestrian traffic and there I was standing in the mix of this somewhat awkward cocktail of a metropolitan life drenched in a mix of my sweat and the rain with no clue of how the say “Hello” in Chinese let alone ask “where can I get an umbrella?” In that moment of frustration God sent an angel in the form of a cab driver who took me to my destination and helped get in touch with those that were to receive me. Just when I thought all was well I hit a communication barrier snag again, just what I needed to brighten my day, or not. Somewhere in between me trying to ask for a room and not understanding what on God’s good earth I was been asked, came a voice “Do you need some help?” I obviously did but I had no inclination for sarcasm. I was just so happy that someone cared enough to help out. Long story short, I got settled in and was given a concise version of the grand tour of my school. I asked my new found friend if there was a prayer group or a church on campus. It was that day I was introduced to the JICF family. A family built upon the very frantic of love, and the word of God. I met a family and found a home away from home. JICF may be a church but it’s a fellowship at its core with everyone adding a lil ingredient to the soup. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t all about the  Easter picnics and vibrant services. We had a lot of constraints individually and collectively but was a Sunday school song we used to sing when we were kids says “Prayer is the key, Jesus started and ended with prayer. Prayer is the master key” prayer kept us in check, prayer reenergized us, prayer reunited us and prayer gave us breakthroughs.

My stay in china has left a lasting imprint on my heart. One that I will carry for all my days.  For God used it to mold me into a better child of His and I bless God everyday for that opportunity. As I left Jinan I was scared. Scared thinking to myself will I be able to stand on my own two feet spiritually without my family? I felt a deep sense of pain and joy at the same time. For starters the sky was also pitch black as the day I had arrived but there was calm in the atmosphere and in that moment I knew all will be well by His grace. I would like to challenge you today to take cue from the scriptures

“Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” Ecclesiastes 7:8

You may get off on a rough start, and you may go through a roller coaster ride in between but what matter is what you make of it at the end of the day. God know why he sent you out of your comfort zone and He knows you will make it through cause he has equipped you with all you need to make it. He loves you that much. Hold on to His unfailing hand. Bless you all.


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