About Us

Welcome to Jinan International Christian Fellowship and thanks for visiting our web site. JICF is comprised of members from a multitude of countries with the vast majority of the members being students who are either medical students or language students. There are representatives from each of the major university campuses in Jinan. JICF is centered around the four basic principals of Christianity. 1) Christ came 2) Christ died on the cross 3) Christ rose and 4) Christ is coming again. The Fellowship is based on LOVE .

Pastor: Joe Summers
Elders: Pam Holt, Robbi Greenwood

Campus coordinators:

Shandong University New campus: Amani/Towera
Shandong Normal University: Carol,
Shandong University Medical campus: Grace/Simbi
Jinan university: Lloyd,Seth and Leroy

Sunday service organization:

Sunday Service Coordinator (SSC): Jacquie, Edith
Prayer Coordinator: Amani
Translation: Jacquie
Praise & Worship Coordinator: Grace and Lloyd
Media Coordinator:
Ushering Coordinator: Stani and Peters


For additional information please email us at info@jinanicf.org